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Teaching in Yebo’s 3D Worlds Translate Learning Materials into ChangeMyPath

Yebo’s customizable 3D Worlds are a powerful and effective teaching tool, but can be daunting at first. Though our platform is easy to use, translating traditional readings and quizzes into a 3D World may feel like an insurmountable conceptual leap. We’ve been there and struggled with it ourselves! Fortunately, the solution is relatively simple. Let’s…

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Advanced Learning Technology Tools for Interactive Course Design

At Yebo, we’ve built a versatile, accessible, and powerful online learning platform. Our tools are designed from the ground up to make the creation of rich and engaging 3D Simulations and Learning Games a snap. With Yebo, anyone can quickly and easily build an effective eLearning Course without the need or cost of an engineering…

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Yebo and the Skills Gap Reflecting on David Scobey’s interview with NPR

      While reading a recent NPR interview over the “Skills Gap” with Graduate! Network senior scholar and former Dean of the New School David Scobey, two quotes stood out to us and kept turning over in the back of our heads. The interview, conducted by Anya Kamenetz for NPR’s education-focused nprEd section, covers a…

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