Product Education in 3D Launch your product with the benefits of interactive 3D simulation

Interactive 3D simulations present unique and effective opportunities for product education

      Interactive product education in 3D simulations provide unique and effective solutions for product education and training, giving clients, prospects, employees, and users the opportunity to inspect and explore detailed product models in fully-rendered virtual environments. The experience is akin to holding a product in their hands, but with the advantages inherent to being within a virtual world. Vital information can be conveyed in-world through text, video, and sound, while interactive elements open up a wealth of possibilities for engaging learning through exploration and games. All of these opportunities come with a huge benefit: interactive simulations can be instantly delivered to anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time, with no added cost. Anyone can interact with your product with the push of a button.

Yebo’s Explodable 3D Model Demo

      Yebo’s Authoring Tools provide a visually exciting feature to further enhance your interactive product education in 3D simulations: Explodable 3D Models. Using this tool, you can take any 3D model and separate it into its component parts, allowing precise teaching on a product’s parts and functions. You can add labels and notes, highlight important elements, and walk clients through the benefits of your product piece-by-piece, all in a real-time 3D environment.

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