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      While reading a recent NPR interview over the “Skills Gap” with Graduate! Network senior scholar and former Dean of the New School David Scobey, two quotes stood out to us and kept turning over in the back of our heads. The interview, conducted by Anya Kamenetz for NPR’s education-focused nprEd section, covers a range of problems facing adult college students in the United States. Scobey goes into depth on many of these potential roadblocks, including personal, societal, institutional, and resource barriers, but the parts that stuck with us dealt with the workforce “skill gap” and training.

      The first statement we couldn’t stop thinking about concerns the speed at which new technology can make existing training obsolete. Scobey states, “In some sectors (for instance, advanced, digitally driven manufacturing), innovation has outpaced training, and there is truly a shortage of technically skilled workers.” This is a widespread problem and one that Yebo is actively working to help solve.

      eLearning solutions are uniquely positioned to provide effective, up-to-date training for even the most cutting edge of technologies. However, the realities of engineering and course production make the process unduly slow and expensive. That’s where Yebo breaks the mold. Our Authoring tools are designed with non-engineers in mind so the software is easy to pick and up and master, and every last piece of our tech is built from the ground up to make the journey from “need” to “solution” quick and painless.

      Later in the article, Scobey says that “employers complain they can’t find workers with communications, problem-solving and other soft skills.” This got us thinking about where Yebo can go. With tested tools and paradigms already in place for topics such as Product Education, Employee Onboarding, and Sales Training, we’re constantly striving to improve our platform and expand our tools to tackle new challenges and cater to our client’s eLearning needs. Soft skills like those described by Scobey are certainly on our roadmap, but, as the old idiom goes, the best way to learn is by doing!

      Is your organization looking for a cost-effective, agile, and self-driven eLearning platform that can keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and skillsets?  Are you interested in working with an eLearning platform that will grow to meet your needs? Click here to get a free demo of the Yebo platform.

You can find the full interview with David Scobey at nprEd.

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