Advanced Learning Technology Tools for Interactive Course Design

ChangeMyPath's Online Learning Platform

At Yebo, we’ve built a versatile, accessible, and powerful online learning platform. Our tools are designed from the ground up to make the creation of rich and engaging 3D Simulations and Learning Games a snap. With Yebo, anyone can quickly and easily build an effective eLearning Course without the need or cost of an engineering team.

With Yebo, you’ll be able to:

  • Design courses that take advantage of both your existing learning materials and our own 3D Simulations and Learning Games
  • Utilize our versatile and easy-to-use 3D environment creation tools
  • Upload, see, and manipulate 3D Objects
  • Move through and interact with immersive real-time 3D Environments
  • Provide Learners with powerful interactions: Read, Watch, Interact, and DO
  • Improve Learners’ comprehension and retention with proven and cutting-edge teaching methods

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